Replacing frowns and frets with smiles!

Whether it is tracking vehicles in and out of a parking lot, or tracking a vehicle and its contents along the supply chain, real –time tracking and updates enables business and strategic managers to understand ground realities and relax while always being in control.

A vehicle tracking system enables the owner or an authorized third party to track a vehicle’s location. Dolphin Vehicle Tracking System (DVTS) enables to identify a particular vehicle during in/ out, locate vehicles in motion in a specified path and giving alerts and alarms accordingly.

RFID is used in vehicle tracking for:

  • Monitoring and tracking vehicle movement
  • Tracking and identifying owners and users of vehicles with photos
  • Identifies the deviations from expected asset location or condition
  • Triggering/exception based alerts or specific warning notifications
  • Accessing historical data to identify and eliminate operational bottlenecks
  • Maintaining the inventory and history for a vehicle

Benefits of Dolphin Vehicle Identification System (DVIS)

  • Fully automated solution
    • Tracks an unlimited number of vehicles with complete details of vehicle, employee, driver, license, renewals, and certifications
    • Provides new notifications for maintenance, equipment expirations or employee certifications
    • Automatically conducts error free data gathering pertaining to vehicle and vehicle related activities
    • Enables direct control of relays/ gates
    • Eliminates unauthorized vehicle use
    • Automatic identification and notification whenever vehicle enters or exits, even while vehicle is in motion
  • Auto Tagging and Live tracking: Multiple vehicles can be assigned to unique and reusable Tag IDs in a single click. DVTS enables 24/7 tracking and Live display of vehicles during In and Out with Images of vehicles and users.
  • Efficient report generation: User –friendly report generation rendered as graphs and charts, coupled with features to slice, dice and sort data and save in all formats (Microsoft excel as well) empowers the users of DVTS to make swift and informed decisions.
  • Imports and Exports: DVTS has detailed data importing and exporting tools including Microsoft Excel. Multiple assets can be imported on a single click with pre-assigned unique tags.
  • Hardware Lock: DVTS provides data security through hardware lock and guarantees data autonomy, integrity and authenticity through password protection.
  • Seamless Integration with RFID technology: DVTS allows seamless integration with existing Inventory management system, with new hardware (readers), underlying databases and existing environment (LAN).
  • Data Backup: DVTS ensures that there is no data loss. It provides automatic and manual backup facility.
  • Flexibility and Advanced search capabilities: DVTS offers flexibility to work with multiple readers at a time. It provides quick and advanced search features such as searching for a particular user or vehicle within all available fields. It also allows users to sort as per fields and locate the required information.
  • Alerts and Alarms: Warranty, tracks and schedules maintenance and expiry dates are maintained and alerts and alarms are given to user accordingly. Alerts are given if vehicles are parked without permission, parked for too long etc. and alerts are received on SMS and Email to ensure that the user reads and responds instantly.
  • Categories and image tagging: DVTS provides user defined category types, unlimited photo and image uploads which enables easy identification of vehicles. It also facilitates capturing of photos or videos with live camera.

Businesses operate out of large spaces where large parking spaces are always packed with vehicles. It is manually impossible to track data of vehicles going in and coming out.

An efficient system to track and maintain reports of vehicles, including the entire details with images enables seamless management of such parking space. Dolphin Vehicle Identification System (DVIS) helps businesses do exactly this.

It contains all the features of the DVTS and enables organization to efficiently manage large parking space at all times.