Dolphin’s hospital management suite

It’s lifesaving technology – literally!

To ensure optimum efficiency, hospitals and organizations dealing with healthcare need to overcome numerous issues at the operational and management level. The issues include low utilization rates, purchase of more medical equipment than required, non-compliance with regulatory mandates, inefficient use of staff time, loss and theft of equipment and many more.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology addresses most of these issues by attaching radio frequency tags to people and objects, thereby enabling identification, tracking, location and security of assets. This helps drive down costs and enhance operational efficiencies.

RFID technology has ensured seamlessness in the following:

  • Registration of In-Patients, Out-Patients, admission, bed allocation, searching for specific patient information and billing can all be done at the reception
  • Employee records, leaves management, shift allocation, reports for payroll and appointment scheduling for doctors, according to shifts can be undertaken
  • Maintenance of investigation requests by patients and generation of test results for the various available services. It also facilitates attaching X-rays and other scanned report
  • Managing, tracking and locating valuable assets in hospitals and providing alerts as and when required
  • Medical Records: The technology facilitate storing, recording and retrieval of complete medical information of patients and helps in administering health care services better.
  • Pharmacy: RFID enables issuing of medicines to patients, updating daily stock positions etc. at a pharmacy. It provides enquiry screens for viewing daily stock positions and creating separate bills for in and out patients.