Now easily search a needle in a haystack! Manage all your documents easily in an automated RFID process!

The knowledge about business, systems, processes and most importantly, intellectual property (IP) that organizations create is enormous. The documents and files that contain this critical information are invaluable.

File and Document Tracking is the systematic management of active paper documents and files stored in the office, outside as well as the documents converted to digital images.

With our File and Document Tracking system, all the physical documents and files as well as digital documents can be attached with proper RFID tags. These tags contain the important information about the document such as issue date, receipt date, user, etc. Based on set conditions and unwarranted eventualities such as unrestricted access, alerts are triggered and the information is passed on to the user or department owning the document and the file. All the documents will be safe and can be restored and retrieved easily with advanced search facility.

So, the next time, you want to search a document or file among the millions, use Dolphin File and Document Tracking system – it would no more feel like searching a needle in a haystack.

File and Document Tracking is used for:

  • Storing and retrieving files whenever required: Physical and digital documents can be stored and retrieved at any time. Advanced search can be used to retrieve files with user defined queries.
  • Enables storing of physical documents as scanned copies or digital images: Digital images can be stored and retrieved in the same process. Details about the issue of the document to a particular user or department, receipt of the document can be stored with date and alerts can be sent to authorized user in case of any update with respect to the document.
  • Overdue reporting for a particular file: Reports overdue date and time for a particular file issued.
  • Complete audit trial: Complete audit trial of each and every document is possible to check for any irregularities in access, issue and so on.
  • Automated retrieval and return of files: The process of file retrieval and return is automated to facilitate self-check-out and self-check-in system.