COVID-19 Thermal Solution by Dolphin with IDIS, S Korea

Win the fight against Covid-19 in your Workplace Partner With Dolphin For Automated Temperature Screening

War against COVID-19 Problem Statement

  • Once the Lockdown ends, the real challenge will start – How do we protect our employees from infection?
  • The problem of spread of COVID-19 is likely to last well over a year
  • Similar problems may crop up in the future- crying for fool proof solution to prevent commercially debilitating breakouts leading to partial or total closure of offices/hospitality Centers/factories.
  • Hospitals also need a system to screen infected patients from cross mingling with other patients/visitors
  • The present system of cheap Chinese IR Gun is inefficient and inaccurate giving no confidence in stopping infected persons from entering apart from being very slow.

War against COVID-19 Dolphin Solution

  • An efficient automated Thermal Video System requiring no manual intervention
  • Dolphin IDIS Solution permits all persons entering a premises to be unobtrusively scanned and gives an instant alarm if a sick person is detected
  • System is extremely accurate – (0.05Deg Centigrade) – and will not miss any sick person – even in a batch or crowd. ALL sick persons are simultaneously identified
  • All that is required is the Indoor Compact Thermal camera at the main entrance, behind the reception or a IP66 Thermal Camera at the point labour is entering a premises. Use cases are unlimited.
  • Software caters for upto 4 cameras to be linked to one PC based software to cover multiple points
  • After sales service supported by Dolphin – a 27-year-old company. In the field of Access Control and CCTV for over 25 years.
  • Reliable and proven Thermal cameras from S Korea where these are being most effectively used to successfully combat COVÍD-19.

The Dolphin IDIS solution overlays the Thermal Image onto the Video image thus giving a Realtime view and immediate recognition of the high temperature items. This provides an aesthetic, unobtrusive and fool proof system to detect persons with higher   than normal body temperature.

Unique Features of System

  • “WALK THROUGH SYSTEM” not the slow “LOOK & GO”
  • Made in South Korea. Leading and well-established Global brand for over 20 years. Amongst the World’s Top Ten Manufacturers
  • 1-4m distance reading – to ensure effected person does not enter premises
  • High Accuracy – (0.05°C) Temperature Variation Only
  • Ten Colour Shade Palette for varying Temperatures in a frame
  • 98% accuracy in Temperature Detection & Reading
  • Real Time Alarm on High Temperature Detection at the Display
  • Dual sensor ( Normal Video, Thermal with Thermal Overlay )
  • Ten points of Detection in a Video for accurate and multi-point reading
  • One year warranty
  • Can be integrated with an NVR for larger systems
  • Neither Parts nor assembly in CHINA – True Non-Chinese product