Timely Information on all assets as and when you need!

Did you know that with an asset tracking RFID system you can not only record the location of your asset but also track its usage for up to 2000 meters? Time to switch?

The most reputed organizations ensure that they have all the information about their assets. This enables them to ensure optimum footprint of assets, reduce wastage and duplication, utilize the assets to their fullest and thereby contribute significant value to the bottom line.

With technological advancements and RFID systems, the entire process of asset tracking and monitoring can be automated. This enables the relevant teams to get regular updates on assets and alerts for any immediate action that needs to be taken.

The organization can thus, focus on core business and strategize on providing value to its customers without worrying about optimum usage of assets.

Now, catapult your organization to sustainable growth using Dolphin Asset Tracking System (DATS)


A company is known and valued by its assets. Dolphin Asset Tracking System (DATS) enables efficient management of fixed or movable assets and also helps in maintaining the complete history of assets with automated processes.

DATS is a user-friendly, commanding tool which intensifies businesses with large range of features. It is extremely compatible with different types of readers and tags and can generate a wide combination of reports.

While it enables seamless asset management at the operational level, the advanced reporting capabilities of DATS enables the strategic management to take informed decisions to optimize performance of every asset.

DATS enables the following:

  1. Monitoring and tracking Asset movement
  2. Better Asset visibility and Asset utilization
  3. Quick allocation of Assets and immediate update on their status
  4. Identification of the deviations from expected Asset location or condition
  5. Generation of trigger/exception based alerts or specific warning notifications
  6. Access to historical data for identification and elimination of operational bottlenecks
  7. Maintenance of Asset inventories and validation of the Asset utilization

Benefits of Dolphin Asset Tracking System (DATS)

  • Fully automated: DATS is a paperless, fully digitized and flexible tracking and management solution which can work with multiple readers and databases. Total asset aging and history can be maintained and viewed at all times. Every asset can be linked to multiple users and vice-versa. Details of assets and assigned tags can be printed as labels using a label printer.
  • Real-time monitoring and live tracking: DATS offers accurate knowledge of assets, enhanced ability to recover them and make businesses profitable. It enables live tracking of assets with complete asset details and aging and renders the information graphically.
  • Quick and advanced search and efficient report generation: User –friendly report generation rendered as graphs and charts, coupled with features to slice, dice and sort data and save in all formats (Microsoft excel as well) empowers the users of DATS to make swift and informed decisions.
  • Alerts and Alarms: Warranty, tracks and schedules maintenance and expiry dates are maintained and alerts and alarms are given to user accordingly. Alerts and alarms are also given when a user or asset enters to unpermitted area. Alerts are received on SMS and Email to ensure that the user reads and responds instantly.
  • Auto tagging facility: Multiple Assets can be assigned to unique and reusable Tag IDs on a single mouse click.
  • Imports and Exports: DATS has detailed data importing and exporting tools including Microsoft Excel. Multiple assets can be imported on a single click with pre-assigned unique tags.
  • Asset Splitting and Verification: DATS offer the flexibility to split an asset according to quantity for In and Out verification. Live and automated Verification process is set for assets while they transit In and Out of the warehouse with the added feature of setting user defined rules during verification.
  • Hardware Lock: DATS provides Data Security through Hardware lock and guarantees data autonomy, integrity and authenticity through password protection.
  • Seamless Integration with RFID technology: DATS allows seamless integration with existing Inventory management system, with new Hardware (readers), underlying databases and existing environment (LAN).
  • Data Backup: DATS ensures that there is no data loss. It provides automatic and manual backup facility.
  • Support Group of companies: DATS can be implemented to track assets across multiple (group of) companies thereby creating a unique asset management and tracking system at a group level.
  • Categories, images and photos: DATS provides user defined category types and enables addition of photos or images (in .jpg or .gif format) for easy Identification. It also facilitates attaching of digital images in various formats as challans to assets. DATS also enables capturing photos of asset or user with a live camera and it has an auto image pop-up facility for the online asset or user.