Dolphin Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance Systems need no introduction. Parking Guidance systems can be found in nearly every country and they are gaining popularity all over. In fact, most new projects are specified with Parking Guidance System at the design stage.

Dolphin Parking Guidance System is a cost effective, modular parking management system.

The main functions of a Parking Guidance System are:

  • Data collection from each bay and/or each Entrance/Exit.
  • Real-time parking availability indication:
    • Above each and every parking bay using space indicators.
    • On the parking floor using way-finding devices such as Numeric displays, Arrow signs, Traffic lights etc.
    • In a control centre using a PC screen.
  • Data logging.
  • Data analysing and presentation.

Dolphin Parking Guidance Systems offer benefits to the drivers and to the managers:

  • They assist drivers in finding parking quicker and easier.
  • They minimise congestion and at the same time maximising the occupancy.
  • They provide much needed information, real-time and statistical.