India Customs have mandated that all containers sent to the port will require a onetime use RFID seal. This will help self sealing as also prevent in-route tampering.

Dolphin RFID has developed a foolproof solution to meet the requirement of Indian customs circular number 26/2017 – Customs dated 1.07.2017 on the provision and use of RFID based container seals. Dolphin can help exporter to meet the 01 November deadline with their end to end solution.

Dolphin Solution Provides:

  • Web solutions for exporters to update container information to meet the Customs requirement.
  • Handheld reader to read RFID based container seals at any location.
  • RFID based Container Seals.

For More detail Please contact or Contact: Mr. Hitesh Ode +91-9223199530